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Works in a browser

Browser is the most used application on any computer. Over the last 3 years we’ve seen some dramatic improvements in browser performance and reliability. This allows to build online applications that are both powerful and convenient. That’s basically the main idea: to remove the hassles of software maintenance not compromising the quality of the results you achieve.

Building a photo editor on top of a browser makes switching between platforms very easy: Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems will get the same tools that work in the same way.

Allows large images

Our aim is to make online photo editor as capable as your favorite desktop application. It requires powerful architecture so we’ve put most of our efforts in that directions. Now you’re working with a photo editor that has a great potential supporting images in JPEG, PNG and BMP formats up to a whopping 42 megapixels.

No signup required

You have an instant access to our photo editor anywhere. We even removed registration. Though, if you’d like to get updates from us via email, please, register at Pics.io. Or you can like/follow/+1 us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

You’re free to use Edit.pics.io for both personal and commercial purposes.

32-bit quality

Photo editing is all about mathematical transformations. The more precision you have during number crunching the more accurate results you’ll get in the end. We didn’t want to repeat “youth mistakes” of GIMP and Photoshop and made all of our tools work with the most precise 32 bit depth numbers from the start.

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